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Power Team-empowering People to realize their dreams by providing them with the best digital education to build long term, duplicable, sustainable and profitable online business.

Power Team is a global organization and is dedicated to supporting affiliated business owners in building strong and profitable businesses.

Power Team's purpose is to identify the needs and provide business solutions with the aim of helping its affiliates build sustainable business.

The mission of Power Team is to be the most superior Total Support System in the relational marketing industry by providing a complete range of Teaching, Training, Motivation, Inspiration, Communications, Calendar & Events, and Promotional Items. With the passion to influence “Personal Development for Prosperity in the 21st Century” for each and every one of our customers, Power Team reaches out to its customers through a well-established network of distributors and members of its Relational Marketing Program.

Jocial: Biggest Opportunity of 2020.

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Jocial is the most innovative and most transparent Influencer marketing platform that pays you to influence others. Developed by 12 year old, debt free company.



What is Jocial Platform?

Jocial is an Influencer Marketing Platform, Where Influencer influence others about a campaign of any brand's through their social media account.

For the first time in the world, an influencer marketing platform combines their plans with the power of affiliate marketing.


How does Jocial platform make a profit and share the profit to the Influencer?

Jocial makes a profit by advertising campaign of client and share the profit with Jocial Influencer who promote the campaign successfully through their social media account.


Is the Jocial Platform legitimate?

Yes, of course. We are a registered company from the land down under (UK & USA), and we have offices all over the world backed by 12year old, debt free group. Over the years, our group has been involved in social media platform development, social media marketing, SEO, payment gateway development, blockchain development, etc.



When can I activate my Jocial account?

After Jocial global launch, you can activate your Jocial account.


What is the process to activate my account?

After registration, you have to subscribe any plan of your choice first, soon after your account will be activated.


How long my subscription contract does stands?

The subscription stands as per your subscription plan (Example: Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).

Which is best subscription plan of Jocial?

We recommend an annual subscription plan, as there are plenty of opportunities to earn with an annual subscription, which is not available with a monthly subscription plan.

If you want to try, you can go for monthly or quarterly subscriptions.


What are the payment options?

You can make payment via bitcoin.



Ways To Earn:

How Can I earn from Jocial?

You can earn in two way. You can earn from: 1) Jocial Platform and 2) Jocial Affiliate program

1. Jocial Platform:

How can I benefit or earn from Jocial platform?

You can involve in our brand’s advertising campaign program where you can select any of our campaign including different pricing with fixed amount. After, promoting the campaign successfully through your social media account you will get paid. You can also earn reward point from promotional activity.

Can I apply more than one campaign?

Yes, you may run more than one campaigns simultaneously, but it depends on your subscription plan, type of influencer and our client brand's.

Do I have to participate in affiliate program make to earn with Jocial?

No, it is not compulsion to participate in affiliate program to earn, but it can pace your earning by participate in our affiliate program.

2. Jocial Affiliate program:

How can I benefit or earn from Jocial Affiliate program?

You can earn from Jocial affiliate program by referring others as Influencer. There are 5 ways of earning in affiliate program.

*Matching Bonus (Matching bonus is based on the volume of your two team)

*Super Matching Bonus ( Super matching bonus is based on the total matching bonus earned by your personal/direct enrollment tree)

*Global Power Bonus (Global power bonus is based on total volume of entire jocial global registration)

*Leadership Club Bonus (Leadership club bonus is based on the volume of your two team)

*Luxury Car Bonus (Luxury car bonus is also based on the volume of your two team)